Got questions about us? We’ve got loads of answers.

What is brand content marketing management?

YES!! Great question! Without knowing the answer, why be on this site at all. Brand content marketing management is….drum roll…organizing all brand marketing content (print, broadcast, social, e-commerce, promotional, etc.) so that it is accessible, shareable and instills brand consistency throughout all campaigns and messaging. What makes it different from plain-old digital asset management is that it focuses on the entire marketing cycle. It goes beyond just organizing content, to consider how it’s being used. For this reason, brand content marketing management always includes guidelines on how to use the content, keep brand consistency, workflows for campaigns, and reporting on usage, sharing and access.

What services do you provide?

We provide content marketing management services; the kind that help companies establish brand consistency and organize their content and keep it organized by creating structure and workflow that’s easy to deploy, use and, most importantly, maintain.

What’s the difference between your solutions and your services?

Our solutions are the actual technology that we sell you. Our services are what make us unique. We don’t just drop your solution “package” and run…we provide in-house support (for as long as you need us) and expertise to help you get up and running and off to a great start. We’re big on long-term relationships. So once you’re on board with us, you’ve got service for life.

What kind of companies use your services?

Any and all companies that produce large amounts of marketing content (print, broadcast, social, e-commerce, promotional, etc.). Brands particularly love us (and we have a soft spot for them, too).

How much experience do you have?

20+ years of experience deploying solutions, plus the bonus of many of us having spent time on both the brand and agency side. We’ve been where you are, we’ve done it…that is why we are the best people to help you organize your marketing content so that it is accessible, shareable and establishes brand consistency throughout all campaigns.

Are you a new company, like a start-up?

We are a NEW DIVISION of a pre-existing company that’s been specializing in digital asset management (A.K.A. brand content management) for the last 20 years. We’re not new in the sense of a start-up, but we are a fresh, passionate engaged NEW SUBSET of a larger (oh-so-lucky) entity. We love helping companies organize their marketing content so that it is accessible, shareable and instills brand consistency throughout all their messaging.

What does a typical engagement with Brandobility cost?

Well, it depends. Like any service, cost can range greatly depending upon your needs, the amount of users you have, etc. What we can say for certain is that we charge a reasonable day rate, and the minimum amount of days we usually spend working with our clients is 3. See, we get that you’ve got a budget to think about, so we make it snappy and only hang around as long as you need us.

What does Brandobility offer that’s different and more valuable than your competitors?

Actually, we don’t have many competitors. Seriously. There are companies that share our space, but they simply make the solutions and sell them. End of story. We sell you best-in-class solutions, then immediately come up with very specific workplan models to help you deploy quickly, and maintain success indefinitely. So what makes us different, and more valuable, is our understanding of your business, the time we spend providing expertise, and our passion to stick with you and get you where you want to go as fast as possible.

Our Chief Marketing Officer was in an offsite meeting and needed a logo for one of our new products. He’s not typically involved in searching around for assets on his own, but he knew that we had recently launched the LeapFrog Asset Library and was excited about it. He sent an email asking if we could quickly set him in the system. Within minutes, we were able to send his credentials and as a back-up measure we shared a collection with him containing the logo he needed. This is just one example of the power and efficiency Bynder and Brandobility has brought to our team. Whether business partners are in the building or on another continent, we know that they have quick and easy access to approved assets for our most current products to keep brand consistency. Bynder has truly elevated the level of service we are able to provide our internal and external partners.Mindi Bridges Creative Services & Marketing LeapFrog

Why would I need your services?

Because, you’ve got bigger fish to fry. You’re simply too busy and, let’s be honest, you’re not an expert in leveraging brand content management like we are (no offense). No worries, we’ll train you (or whoever you want trained), and provide you with the muscle you need to make your organization a powerhouse.

What is the average return on investment?

How long does it take you to find the marketing content that your team needs? What would you say is the value associated with that? Have you missed a deadline that’s cost you potential business opportunities? Has a campaign gone out with an incorrect asset? OR have campaigns been deployed that haven’t been on brand? If you answered “yes’ to any of these, then your average ROI of using a company like ours is….priceless.

Our marketing department is small. Do we really need a brand marketing solution?

How small is small? We help brands that have marketing departments as tiny as two people. It completely depends upon how much you’re spending on marketing, and how efficient you want to be when it comes to organizing your assets and establishing brand consistency. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t be mighty. Simply add our muscle (our services and solutions) and watch how you’ll grow.

What are the benefits of a SaaS based solution?

Software as a Solution (or SaaS) benefits companies because it gives them the ability to make solutions an operational expense versus a capital expense. This means less upfront investment and less overhead for you, or your internal IT department. Because everything is done remotely, there’s a faster launch time, less possibility of downtime and no need for upgrades…the new features are automatically there! Plus (and it’s a big plus), all your marketing materials will be accessible from anywhere in the world (!!!!). After all, it’s all about the cloud these days ?

Why should my company consider a brand marketing solution when we can use Google Drive and DropBox for free?

Do you use a flip phone, or a smart phone? Do you watch DVDs, or DVR your shows? What we’re trying to say here, is that while Google Drive, Dropbox and other low-cost solutions provide a valuable service (or did, at one point), there are new and better ways that are specifically focused on managing marketing content.

Why do I need an information professional to do the design and implementation?

Don’t even get us started. It all comes down to expertise and experience, and making sure you’re taking full advantage of your marketing management solution. Perhaps you already have some internal expertise? Awesome. That would certainly cut down on our time spent in your office.

What is the purpose of having an information professional manage our implementation?

The purpose (and the goal) is doing it right from the get go. With any solution that requires some level of change management and organization, it’s important to have someone create a detailed workplan, and clearly lay out roles and responsibilities, as well as a long-term plan for success. We eat drink breathe and sleep brand marketing management. You could say your purpose is our purpose in life.

Why do I need Brandobility’s PS?

Because we understand the solutions, and how they are used, better even than the people who make them. For real. Our team has expertise ranging from library science and change management, to information technology, including best practices, so our peeps can train your peeps, and come up with your best deployment plans and long-term success strategies. That is why you need Brandobility’s PS.

Brandobility was able to step in and create a seamless relationship with our internal teams in order to accomplish the task of creating a smart, efficient and global DAM structure for a Client to use immediately and also be able to take into the future. Without a doubt they were instrumental in helping all parties involved to accomplish their goal with real time follow-up and smart solutions to any size problem that we approached them with. In the end, Brandobility was able to step in and really take the project to the next level.A big time Chicago Agency that is under NDA

Can’t we just buy a tool and do it ourselves?

Sure. You can also rewire your house and install your plumbing yourself, but unless you’re a trained professional you might want to up your insurance BEFORE you start. No, the answer is no. Firmly no. Okay, maybe…but ONLY if you already have someone on your team that has experience deploying the Bynder solution (successfully). If you don’t, and you try it yourself, you’ll probably wind up calling us anyway. We want you to be successful, so let’s not waste time, and start out on the right foot from the get go.

Are your solutions just for brands?

Mostly just for brands. But we don’t discriminate. If you are an agency acting as a steward for your brand and need a solution for organizing marketing content and instilling brand consistency, we should talk. So let’s.

How many people work at Brandobility?

There are six awesome, amazing people in our core Brandobility group, which is part of a larger organization of 25+ asset management experts. But since we think of Bynder (the manufacturer of our marketing content management solution) as family, you can include their manpower in that count. That brings us up to 175 people strong. Interested? We’re always growing!